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WAAG calls for a comprehensive strategy to counter ISIS (Daesh)

The World Association for Al-Azhar Graduates based at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, calls for a comprehensive and integrated strategy to counter the ideologies and the atrocities of the terrorist group ISIS (Daesh). Al-Azhar emphasises that the...
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British Imams complete training in Islamic jurisprudence at Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta

A delegation of British ulema and Imams have attended a training course hosted by the Dar al-Ifta of Egypt. The group comprised of elder and younger British Imams, including Al-Azhar graduates and WAAG UK members, from various towns and cities across the UK...
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Al-Azhar statement on the human crisis of Muslims in Burma

AL-AZHAR STATEMENT ON THE HUMAN CRISIS OF MUSLIMS IN BURMA By the Grand Imam, Dr Ahmad al-Tayyeb Shaykh al-Azhar Over the last few days, the entire world has been following up the horribly shocking images of the crimes of killing, forced displacements,...
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